Saturday, September 11, 2010

well we made it to Brighton

 we survive a 7 hour plane ride in economy where too many people are crammed into too small a space, and give them only 2 toilets!! Nancy and I have been up since 6am on Friday with only a couple of hours of interrupted sleep on the plane.
The car we got is a Mercedes Benz 160 and Nancy took the first shift of driving and got us to Brighton in record time although she asked me to continually remind her to "stay left" "stay left" -- then when we got into Brighton and we tried finding our hotel with Yahoo maps we just about gave up and slept in the car...
finally got to the hotel and this avante garde hotel with orange , grey, pink, blue & red door and orange and grey colour scheme in the room. Luckily we are so tired that the colour will not keep us up. We were pleasantly surprised by a food festival all around our hotel. They closed off streets and vendors sold different foods from around the world, of course Nancy and I where here to eat English food so we found local sausages that were great. It rained all day so we are planning to visit the seaside and the Brighton Pier tomorrow morning before we head to Amburley Castle.


  1. Look at you looking so healthy!

    Glad you had a good trip and managed to brave the roads and find your hotel.

    You did, of course, take pictures of this orange and grey room?

  2. Yea! You guys made it!! Good idea to let Nancy drive, that is why you made it there in one piece!! Have a great trip take lots of pictures!!!