Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just when we thought we were all ready

Well we thought we checked and double checked everything and then double checked everything we could think of again for our trip, then I got a comment on my blog from our daughter Shannan, who just got back from Edinburgh, saying we should be very careful with the weight of our carry on bags. I knew Nancys would be overweight but felt mine would be okay.... Nancy's bag was way overweight but then uh-oh so was mine!! (but not by as much as Nancys ha-ha). I was trying to avoid the baggage carousel hassle and use only carry ons but it could not be done (could be done with the size, but the weight restriction to UK is very restrictive! 5 Kilos or 11 pounds). I think Nancys bag with the wheels weighs half of that empty!! So we just finished a serious repack using one of the big cases we had for our cruise. In truth it is only slightly larger than a carry on bag. We will use the big one for both of us and my carry on will have most of my stuff and a change of clothes for Nancy in case the big suitcase ends up in Dubai, and we will use a small back pack as Nancy's carry on that will hold the other stuff we need including my laptop, the chargers for everything, cameras and medications etc. -- why does this have to be so difficult?? Why can't we just spend a lot of money and go visit a place that is hurting for money so we can spend a lot more money to help their economy without so much red tape and roadblocks?? Oh well

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