Monday, September 13, 2010

Brighton our first real day

We slept wonderfully, the bed was very comfy, although I think we could have slept on a rake.
Our first day, we decided to go have coffee or breakfast and then check out of the hotel and then head to the pier. We stopped in a little cafe (the Cafe Italiano) and had a fresh made coffee, the owner was quite "chatty" and played the guitar and sang us Italian songs, very enjoyable chat with him as well. Then off to Brighton Pier -- of course it is Sunday and the pier doesn't open until 10am so we walked about and I went down to the English channel and dipped my hand in and brought Nancy a rock from the channel. We then went to a little restaurant under the Pier (the only one open) and I had a coffee and a cake and Nancy had a hot chocolate (it was cold by the channel) total cost 5 pounds ( about $9.00!!). By chance we were at the Pier on a motorcycle rally day (a charity for British Heart Foundation) there had to be 500 or more motorcycles of all type - from Harley to Japanese to antique to motorscooters. This is a big rally and everyone was commenting on Nancy's scooter and we got some pictures of her on her scooter beside some motor trikes. She was made an honourary "triker". We then went for a walk on the Brighton Pier which was not much but at least we can say we did it -- the pier is just rides, casinos, bars and junk sellers. Then it was off to try and drive to Amberly Castle

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