Friday, September 10, 2010

almost ready to head to the airport

We are spending these last few hours before we head out to the airport to make sure we haven't forgotten anything, I am meaning mostly the M's (money and medication) and P's (Passport and pocket books) and the two big C's (computer and camera) and making sure we know where we put everything  for when we go thru security. We have a list we have been adding to and crossing off as we go along. We are planning to get to the airport Really early so that we can minimize any problems or glitches that may come up, especially with Nancy's disability and special needs she has.
We got up early yesterday and today to get us a little acclimatised to the time in Britain which is 5 hours ahead of us in Ontario - 11 am here and 4pm there - but we still will have to work at getting our bodies to change to UK time.
We both are surprised that we are not really "excited" about our trip yet, although we are both nervous. My next post may well be from Bristol UK unless I can get online at the airport while we wait

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