Saturday, September 25, 2010

Home at last

We are finally home!! Charles de Gaul airport is a nightmare, but the plane ride home was much better although it was a very long flight -- 7 plus hours....we got to the airport early but the pilot and crew did not -- they were trying to get from Lyon to Charles de Gaul by train but were delayed because of the strike in Paris, so we were delayed  over 1 hour before we left Paris -- the arrival in Toronto went smoothly and we got thru customs and got our luggage and car easily and were on the road quickly and home by 4:30!! by the time we got in the house with the luggage we collapsed on the couch and later we had egg sandwiches for dinner. Nancy made it to about 7:30 before she collapsed in sleep and I managed to last until 8:45 before getting to bed. I slept in until 6am but Nancy was up at 4am. We are both still tired today and full of aches and pains but managed to get to the farmers market and out for breakfast before getting home and continuing unpacking and putting stuff away in between long rests. We don't think we are suffering from jet lag but are just very tired, luckily we will have the rest of the day and tomorrow to get back on EST

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