Friday, September 3, 2010

7 days to go

Well it's the final weekend before our trip, it's 6:30 pm now so exactly one week from now we will be sitting in the boarding area waiting for our flight. I checked today to see what was best, to take the Stratford Airporter bus to the airport or do the Park & Fly, would you believe that the bus would cost us $94.00 each plus $5.00 for Nancy's scooter and that is just 1 way.  Park & Fly would  be a total of $100.00, so let's see, the bus will cost us $186.00 plus $5.00 plus HST times 2 OR a total of $100.00 plus HST plus the cost of gas. Seems like a no brainer to me!! I will book the Park & Fly on Tuesday.
This weekend we have lots to do to get ready but we also have our granddaughter Madi's 9th birthday this weekend too so on Saturday we will be taking her out for lunch and shopping for her present (I think she wants an IPod) and then Sunday we have a birthday lunch at her house and then Grampa is going to Peter Pan with her too. The rest of the weekend though  is dedicated to getting ready for our trip!! I am going to be completely packed by the end of Monday night, house all cleaned, laundry all done, last minute shopping done, Nancy's stuff all set out to pack, cats all organized, all in all ready to go so that all we have are a couple of last minute things to finish off....wait a minute, I need to book the train into London from Stratford upon Avon!! gotta go......

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  1. don't forget to check the park and fly's website for coupons and specials! you never know what might be available for discounts.