Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wed - Bath

After Stonehenge we had a nice drive to Bailbrook house in Bath and spent the evening relaxing
Bath scene
Bath Abbey
Wed morning we drove into Bath and parked the car and spoke to the man filling up the map kiosk who gave us a suggested route and a free map! We had a nice walk about town going in the shops and there were some interesting side streets full of little jewelery shops so Nancy was in her glory. Bath is very hilly and the architecture is amazing and the scenes are fabulous. We stopped and had a nice hot chocolate and croissant on one of the narrow side streets.We went into Bath Abbey which was beautiful and unfortunately a busload of tourists got there  just before we did so we decided to give it a pass.
Nancy with the "statues"
The famous Pulteney bridge
Interesting street performers from the usual guitar buskers to a young lady who sang opera (quite well) and 2 who were made up to be golden statues. Off to the bridge and then time to head back to the car and head off to Thornbury castle

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