Friday, September 10, 2010

at the airport

7:30 pm -- getting thru security was a breeze, don't have to take off your shoes anymore and left my belt on too. the security staff were very pleasant. We were sent to gate 30 and were merrily waiting there and good thing I went for a drink as it was then I discovered that we had been moved to gate 33. Nancy needs to be there a couple of hours before so it was a good thing I checked. We are calmly awaiting boarding, I have finished one book and Nancy is doing some knitting....we either look like seasoned travelers or a couple of old geezers. I would go with old geezers until I took out my laptop and began blogging. Looks like we will start pre boarding soon, we can see our plane out the window and we hope our checked luggage goes to the same place we do.

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