Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wed -- Thornbury castle

entry road to the castle

our room
the bathroom with the "throne" to the right!
Himself having a brandy by the fire before dinner
Well it is Wednesday and we found Thornbury castle with only a little bit of trouble and it was well worth it -- this castle has it hands over Amberley. Surprisingly enough both are owned by the same company and this one is a lot less expensive. That is our room on the main floor just to the left of the entrance way. It is the old guard house and the room is twice as big as the one in Amberley and the bathroom is the same size again as the room. The big fireplace takes the chill off, but so did the complimentary brandy and the real paintings add a nice touch too. Dinner was a real upscale affair too and was very good (should be for the price), we were first brought into the Lounge where we could have had a before dinner drink (we didn't because I had had a couple of the brandy's in the room) --they did bring us a nut tray with the menus -- after a bit they came in and took our order and then after a bit they came and took us to the dining room. We were soon joined by a couple who we found out were from San Francisco -- they didn't bring anyone else in so we thought maybe they were segregating the North Americans? Dinner was terrific and afterward we took coffee and sweets back to our room and settled in for the night -- I managed to sneak in another brandy. We plan to explore the castle grounds and the local village (Thornbury) tomorrow so need some sleep tonight.

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