Thursday, September 2, 2010

8 days to go!

Today is Thursday night and we fly out next Friday! It is coming quicker than we think!!
I spent the day today making a list of what to do this weekend to get ready and a list of what to pack and another list of what not to forget.
I am hoping this blog will be like the journals I have kept in past trips, but this time I am giving myself the mandate to not only journal our trip including pictures and hopefully video, but also to keep track of our travels with Nancy's scooter, and what pitfalls and successes we have travelling with a disability.Stay tuned!
While I am busy planning the trip I am also dreaming of what we will see. Many items will be the culmination of life long dreams. (Our daughter Shannan did a tour of Europe about 20 years ago and we began thinking about ourselves taking a trip then and now we are finally getting to it!) the top of our lists would be -- Nancy (and I to be honest) is looking forward to staying in the Castles and I  am sooo looking forward to Stonehenge (Nancy too for sure),  there are many more of course but these would be the top of list for both of us.
One of the things I am most concerned about  will be the driving on the "wrong" side of the road, but of more of a concern will be the dreaded "round a bouts" that seem to be all over the roads.
Nancy ordered a Road Atlas of Europe as a surprise for me and that came today, so I will have fun tonight going over it. Nancy will be sorry as I will undoubtedly be pointing out things I have found on the maps to her.
More tomorrow

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