Monday, September 6, 2010

all packed -- almost

6:30 pm and all packed, well almost...just the last little things like this computer and medications etc. but all in all we can say that we are 95% ready to go! Now we can sit back and dream about our trip, and worry about what we may have forgotten and to get more and more nervous as we get closer to our Friday night flight. I was on Google maps and was looking at Brighton and how you can go right onto street scenes. Also watching the weather which so far looks pretty good.
We have a fun thing to do, we got a small stuffed animal from Madi and put a Canada/US flag on him and named him Bernard (with the kind permission of both grandchildren) with the idea of getting pictures of him in the various places we will be.Both grandkids are really looking forward to these pictures, and so are we...

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