Thursday, September 23, 2010

our last day

It's hard to believe our trip is almost over!! We are sitting now in our room after packing up our suitcases and generally getting ready for an early morning ride to the airport. We had to buy another suitcase just to fit in all the stuff we bought!! We have had a wonderful time and the weather has been extremely good but I think we are ready to go home!!
We spent the first part of the day at Notre Dame again, this time to see inside, we were unable to get up to the tower as it was closed because of the general strike (more on that later) -- we then took off to find any and all shoe stores for Nancy -- that was the plan at any rate--- we didn't expect the marching and demonstrating and road closures caused by the general strike!! suffice it to say that we ended up walking in the wrong direction, the wrong direction alot!! When I stopped someone for help getting back to Notre Dame which is very close to our hotel she said to me "oh you are very far away --very far-- about a 30 minute walk!!" As we went back we came across the demonstrators at least 2 more times -- they were everywhere!! We finally made it back and Nancy never did get the shoes she was looking for (at least not at the price she wanted to pay). We had a nice dinner at another sidewalk cafe and went back to our room to pack and get ready...
A big surprise for us was to find so many Starbucks here in Paris -- they seem to be everywhere and there is even one in the Louvre!! (I won't go into one in Canada or the US so there is no way I was going into one here!!) The coffee here is Horrible!! they call it Cafe American and it is strong and bitter, Nancy suggested I put some sugar in it, but that only made bad coffee sweet -- it was still bad!! I can't wait for a Timmys when I get home!! I have enjoyed the tea and Nancy has had hot chocolate and there are some delicious beers!!
We are all packed and ready to go, now all we have to do is get to the airport on time and get home.
I am unable to post any pictures for some reason and will try when I get home. 

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