Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Leaving from Salisbury we were on our way to Stonehenge and we got lost almost immediately, we asked a man who was in a Peugot delivery van and he was quite helpful and then decided that he was going that way anyway and agreed to lead us out of town. To thank him we gave him a Canada pen -- we brought a lot of these from Canada ($ store ones) for just such situations, I am just worried now that we won't have enough!!! At any rate this good Samaritan got us on the right track to Stonehenge, and we found it without any further problem.
Stonehenge itself was all I imagined it to be, it was completely scooter accessible and Nancy had no trouble seeing the monument. I took a photo of a young couple for them for us and they of us -- turns out they were from Las Vegas...small world. We also enjoyed the gift shop and also the coffee and cakes we had. Nancy had a nice chat with the local eccentric, he goes by the name Arthur Pendragon!! He is a Druid who wants the the bones they have taken for testing to be return and interned after they have finished testing, although he sounds like a kook Nancy found him to sensible if not eccentric. A lady who was doing surveys told us he "bought" the name change, who knows but he made sense to Nancy.
Stonehenge-- another item off my bucket list

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