Sunday, September 19, 2010

off to Stratford

Well we were sorry to leave Thornbury Castle but we are off to Stratford-upon-Avon....
-- we had no trouble at all finding Warwick just outside of Stratford and are staying in a Holiday Inn Express which is a big let down from the castle...we are not sure if the HI express is just too budget or that after the Castle nothing would compare.
We decided to head to Warwick Castle today and do Stratford tomorrow. Warwick Castle is a real castle that they have made up to be very accessible. there are actors walking around in costume and mini plays put on and even a falconry show. The castle rooms are unfortunately not accessible to wheelchairs, scooters or even child strollers or push carts as they are known so Nancy missed the inside, but I took a lot of pictures for her.
Next day we went to Stratford and really enjoyed the little town atmosphere and Nancy really enjoyed all the little shops. I did the Shakespeare home (the one he was born into) which is done up as a museum and Nancy was able to do a lot of it but only the main floor and gardens and of course the gift shop.
(I am writing this while in London where the internet access is 5 pounds an hour so I am cutting this short and no time to upload pictures)
So a good time in Warwick and Stratford and now off to London!!!

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  1. This is why I looked up free wifi hotspots before I left. They're about.

    Glad you're having fun! Hope you can post more pictures once you're in London!