Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 3

we left Brighton and on our way to Amberley castle. Just when we thought we were getting on to the driving here in UK, then we tried to leave Brighton.... we seemed to  be going around in circles. finally we stopped at a Petrol station and asked but she did not know, then the man behind me spoke up and after a minute or two, he said "tell you what, follow us we are going almost that far". He led the way and then pulled off and came and told us what road out to take, we would be still driving around if it not for Martin.
Once we finally got to the castle and booked in we did the basic "explore" of the castle building and grounds. the room was first class and the bed was very comfortable and the meal was exceptional. Nancy had made and bought us costumes to wear especially at dinner, and I don't think the staff had as much fun as we did, but they played along. Nancy took a spill on her scooter again -- the castle is not designed for a disabled person but the staff did everything to accommodate us. The entire thing was very interesting and I am glad we did it  but it didn't live up to the hype and therefore not really worth the cost. It was very nice to be treated first class.
Now we are off to Salisbury

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