Monday, September 6, 2010

5 days to go

Well today is Monday and we leave on Friday!! 5 days to go!! Today is a day to finish all last minute things and pack cases and generally get ready. Nancy is furiously finishing off her costume (yes you heard me right, She who must be obeyed has decreed that we will be wearing costumes on the nights we are staying in the castles...she a damsel and I a knight! should be fun..) meanwhile I have been busy tying up last minute things and giving the house a good clean so that JayJ won't be too disgusted when she comes to feed the cats and bring in the mail. I am also watching the weather so I can get out and cut the grass one more time before we go. These last few days will be hectic and we also have to at least "show up" at work and organise that for each of us being away (the longest we have ever been off work before was 7 or 8 days in a row when we went on a cruise) as this time it will be 16 days.
I just did a practice pack and have lots of room... need to add my computer and a couple of cords for cameras and such and I am done.... now for Nancy....

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  1. Watch the weight of the bags too - do you have a bag scale you can take with you? They are *really* particular about the weight of your bags in UK - they weigh your carry-on as well - you're only allowed 5 kilos to carry on. What you're allowed to check depends on your ticket but usually 20-30 kilos each and it's £10 per kilo you're over!

    I don't know how they do the weight of mom's scooter, but I figure your agent accounted for that (i hope!)

    Have a great trip!!