Sunday, August 29, 2010

getting ready for our trip to England & France

Nancy and I have been busy over the last few weeks finalizing the plans for our trip with our travel agent Kelley. But it is only recently as the bills for our trip started coming in and as we are getting down to the last couple of weeks that we are starting to get excited. We have spent the last little while checking the internet for things to do at the places we are stopping at and dreaming of our trip. We are starting at Gatwick airport and moving to Brighton for the day and then off to Amberley Castle for our first castle night. Then off to Salisbury for Jeff's dream of a lifetime to see Stonehenge, next day we are off for a night in Bath, then off to Bristol and from there to Thornbury Castle for 2 nights. We then are off for 2 nights at Stratford-upon-Avon and then 2 days in London and then the Chunnel over to 3 nights in Paris! We are getting anxious and excited

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